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User Experience Design
Content Strategy
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Technical discovery and development
Quality assurance testing

From the preceding stage, we analyzed the websites of major domestic and foreign companies of the same type, and developed them by accurately applying the construction direction and elements.

It was a homepage renewal project of an existing outdated image, introducing spectacle lenses and detailed specifications according to functions and user environments, developing and providing a suitable lens finder and a nearby eyeglass store corresponding to the user’s access location.

It was created with a focus on providing a design suitable for a premium brand and providing efficient information to visitors, and development optimized for search engines was applied.

기존 노후된 이미지의 홈페이지 리뉴얼 프로젝트로, 안경렌즈의 기능과 사용자 환경에 따른 세부사양을 소개하고, 사용자의 접속 위치에 대응하는 가까운 안경원 찾기와 내게 맞는 렌즈 찾기를 개발하여 제공하는 프로젝트였습니다.

프리미엄 브랜드에 걸맞는 디자인 제공과 방문객에게 효율적인 정보제공에 초점을 두어 제작되었으며 검색엔진에 최적화된 개발이 적용되었습니다.

/ Inspiring with design

By producing and providing a website with the latest trend design and development environment, we support the client company to innovatively maintain a high bond with its customers.

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